About Rosemantic flowers
1Why Should I have to request my order in advance?
“Because we ship directly from the farm in Ecuador. Normally we offer a 4-5 day delivery option on orders"
“We depend on FEDEX delivery service to transport the box. Once it arrives at customs, the box will be shipped to your door"
2Will my box arrive on the time selected on the website?
“We are trying our best to arrive on the time selected by our customer and most of the time it does" “Since we depend on FEDEX delivery service, sometimes it could take a couple of days longer and it's not something we control. We recommend please ordering earlier, just in case"
3When should I request my roses to arrive?
“It is recommended to order the roses to arrive earlier, especially if you have an important upcoming event. It is a possibility that Fedex orders could take longer than usual and arrive late. So it is very recommended to have your order delivery date set at least 1 to 2 days prior to the date you need them, specially for high seasons like valentines or Mother’s Day"
4In high holiday times is it difficult to get the order on time?
“Due to the high amount of packages during the holidays, sometimes Fedex takes longer to deliver, because of a lot of traffic and high demand for products" “We recommend that you order in advance, and have the delivery date earlier than expected. It is better to receive the roses earlier than late" “Also we provide the information, tracking number, so you can track the package to know when it arrives at your door. Make sure the recipient will be available to receive the box on the day of delivery."
5Can I have more or less roses in one single box?
“You always have to fill it with 4 bounches or packs, every bunch of roses is configured in 25 stems each" “In case that you need more roses, you have to complete a second box with the minimum of 4 bunches again. Of course, you can contact us for special needs or requirements"
6How do I take care of the roses when the box arrives to make them last longer?
“To take care of the roses once they arrive is vital to hydrate them, have a base with water ready. Then you have to trim or recut the stems to allow them to absorb the water" “Avoid having the leaves touching the water. It is better to remove any possible leaves that might be in contact. For best results,use the floral food enclosed to prepare the water, following the instructions on it. Repeat this process every 3 to 4 days to extend the life of the roses and enjoy"
7Can I change my delivery dates or address?
“After your order is placed and shipped, it depends on Fedex capabilities to make changes, if Fedex allows that, it may result in delays that can put the product in risk"
8Where do we deliver the Roses?
“We ship US nationwide to any zip code and address, service covered by Fedex, not including Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.Alaska and Hawaii will take longer.Roses will be delivered Monday through Friday on standard business days avoiding weekends. Very important to be aware of arriving dates to receive the package"
9What to expect about the product itself?
“The Roses are carefully packed and shipped directly from the farm, giving the customers a better and fresher product avoiding the middle man, time and excessive handling.Because is a natural and live product, the roses could lose moisture during transit, don’t worry if they appear slightly wilted, just follow the instructions and hydrated them well and will recover.The rose have a lot of petals, if the outer one (guard petal) looks a little bit bruised or presents small spots, don’t worry, just take that one out"